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A  is a perfect way to give one of the most crucial rooms in your house a fresh look. Whether you bathroom renovations wish to add new fixtures, create more space, or simply freshen up your dated designs; our bathroom renovation Newmarket services can come in handy, in helping your bathroom look outstanding.

Nowadays, as you might be aware, every bathroom renovation assignment demands a high level of artistic flair. We believe we are the most experienced bathroom contractors in Newmarket, who can design a plan that matches your vision, style, and bathroom needs.

Our approach to bathroom renovation Newmarket services

Our approach to bathroom renovation is centered on making our clients the most important aspect of the process. First and foremost, our team will have a meeting with you to get the concepts or designs you need put in place. Basically, during this time, we encourage you to explain to us, how you’d like your renovated bathroom to look and function.

After getting your preferred specifications, our team will then come up with a job estimate which includes designs and adjustments we think your renovation project will need.

Next, we develop the exact specifications we discussed during the initial stages. Note, our able team will always be in touch and still, will appreciate your contribution during this phase. We can provide sample materials and photos to help you envisage the final product.

Once we have a blueprint that includes every concept you need in your bathroom, then the renovation work can commence. Our skilled bathroom contractors will work meticulously to ensure that your restroom is made to match your ideas, with a quality construction which will last for years to come.

Why us

We are deemed as one of the most reliable bathroom contractors in Newmarket for many reasons. To name just a few; first, our renovation team uses only the best quality materials to make sure any remodeling work adds value to your bathroom. Secondly, unlike many other bathroom contractors in Newmarket, we put a special focus on ensuring the client is 100% contented.

Thirdly, whether you want to remodel the entire bathroom from scratch or do a simple upgrade, we can have your project completed on time. Here are some bathroom renovation Newmarket services that we offer to our customers:

  • Installation of electronics into the bathroom
  • Fixing and installation of sinks, bathtubs, toilets, etc.
  • Renovation of the floor cover and shower enclosures
  • Steam showers and spa amenities
  • Custom cabinets and vanities
  • Bathroom lighting renovations
  • And much more!

Whatever your remodeling needs may be, trust BathroomBro to deliver quality work and aesthetic excellence. Feel free to contact us. Book an appointment today!

I was thoroughly impressed by bathroom renovation diverse set of expertise and level of professionalism. Rather than hire several contractors, I hired them to work on all my home related projects, which saved me time and money.

John, Markham, ON

When I needed to get my bathroom remodeled after years of leaving it unattended, the complete renovation was the perfect solution. It was obvious from the very beginning while they were assessing and giving solutions to our problem that they had the experience and qualified resources to get the job done. When the project was complete, we more than satisfied – they exceeded our expectations.

Andrea & Steven, Newmarket, ON

Not easy finding a qualified “one-stop” supplier for home renovations and repair. We were lucky to have found bathroom renovation professionals who expertly renovated all bathrooms of our home after which they helped us choose the right furnishings for them too!

Lorne, Toronto

Great valued-added services. We first hired them to renovate our basement. After doing a spectacular job with our basement, we hired them again to remodel our bathroom. The end result for all these projects convinced us that THEY were the company to reach for any and all of our home renovation projects in the future. I highly recommend them.

Sarah, Richmond Hill, ON