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The idea of home is a place of comfort and happiness. Each room in our house has its own importance, but bathrooms are the most used and need to be functional at all time for the sake of our comfort. To achieve the easing and coziness we desire, it is necessary to have a bathroom that is extremely functional with all the comfortable features. If your bathroom isn’t the way you’d like it to be, you can choose to have a bathroom contractor renovate your space.

BathroomBro is here to assist you at every stage of your partial home renovation if you’re looking for a bathroom renovations in Oakville.

Our Approach

BathroomBro has a large gamut of successful bathroom renovation projects that it has very meticulously planned, designed and delivered. We take our job as a bathroom renovation contractor very seriously and ensure to deliver a combination of beauty and functionality to all our projects. BathroomBro manages bathroom renovation in Oakville of all sizes depending on the client’s budget and specification.

Take a look at out three-step approach:

Concept Plan

The first and the most important stage of the entire bathroom renovation process is the planning phase. The professionals from the team at BathroomBro will have a one-on-one meeting with the client to understand their requirements. This first step is to finalize a blueprint for this partial home improvement project.


After the requirements are noted, the in-house design team at BathroomBro will create a 2D/3D design layout of the new bathroom design suggestion. This design outlines the style and scope of work. This is to ensure the envisioned bathroom renovation turns out exactly as per your liking. This realistic layout can give you an actual look of how the new space will look even before it is created.


Once the specifications are taken and the bathroom layout is designed, the team of experts from BathroomBro will take apart your old bathroom construction and renovate it according to your final design. We are renovation professionals who recreate a more beautiful version of your bathroom just like you wanted within the decided cost and timeline.

Why us

Expertise & Knowledge

The team of professionals at BathroomBro has years of experience and thorough knowledge about construction and renovation. This ensures that your project will be completely looked after.

More Than a Renovation Company

BathroomBro has the best from the specialized area of renovation like engineers, architects, designers, builders, and plumbers.

Affordable Prices & Savings

At BathroomBro, we offer the best prices to our clients without compromising on the quality of our services.

Financial Assistance

We provide our clients with easy financing alternatives, which are simple to apply for as well as have an easy payback system.


Not just bathroom renovation, we can assist you with related services like plumbing, electrical work, and roofing.


I was thoroughly impressed by bathroom renovation diverse set of expertise and level of professionalism. Rather than hire several contractors, I hired them to work on all my home related projects, which saved me time and money.

John, Markham, ON

When I needed to get my bathroom remodeled after years of leaving it unattended, the complete renovation was the perfect solution. It was obvious from the very beginning while they were assessing and giving solutions to our problem that they had the experience and qualified resources to get the job done. When the project was complete, we more than satisfied – they exceeded our expectations.

Andrea & Steven, Newmarket, ON

Not easy finding a qualified “one-stop” supplier for home renovations and repair. We were lucky to have found bathroom renovation professionals who expertly renovated all bathrooms of our home after which they helped us choose the right furnishings for them too!

Lorne, Toronto

Great valued-added services. We first hired them to renovate our basement. After doing a spectacular job with our basement, we hired them again to remodel our bathroom. The end result for all these projects convinced us that THEY were the company to reach for any and all of our home renovation projects in the future. I highly recommend them.

Sarah, Richmond Hill, ON